Sunday, 2 February 2014

Friday, 31 January 2014

Egbert, the Humpty Dumpty who didn't sit on the wall.

humpty dumpty wall photo egbert.gif  Everthing 10p the cardboard notice said - I was amongst bits of material, odd plates and even odder things in a bin outside a Charity Shop. She was rummaging about in there and spotted me 'Aha,' she said triumphantly 'I need you Egbert for my next animation.'  Alarm bells sounded 'why has she given me a name - oh dear, what's she going to do to me?'

'Egbert' she said 'you remind me of Humpty Dumpty,' so she took pics of me then put me on a shelf.  I watched myself (the photos that is) being poorly manipulated on this animation package she's got. 'I worried for I knew the nursery rhyme too well and didn't want to fall off that damn wall and crack my head open.
'I've done a twist on that old rhyme Egbert,' she said turning round, 'no sitting on the wall, you'll be running away from it for the rest of your life. '
Boy, am I glad the real Egbert is sitting 'ere on this shelf.

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Animation of Tesco Plastic Bags - Little Miss Polly Ethylene

Poly Thene photo Re-cycled-teso-bag.gif Thought I'd reactivate an old blog of mine now it's 2014 - s'pose it's because I've nothing better to do at the mo. I'd like to introduce the little girl animation I made.  Yeh, you're dead right - she's made from carrier bags, not any old plastic ones though - Tesco green and friendly ones of course - fruit and veg were carted home in them.

Fruit and veg packed away in cupboards - about to ditch the bags - but hey like a flash - let's make an animation out of them.  Ah hum, ah hum,  - how do I start?  Kitchen scissors - cut rough shape out - little girl with hair bunches. Read stuff - fiddled about on layers (well only a couple really), cut out blue bits from the bags for jeans and made her sort of dance and that's it.
Little Miss Polly Ethylene was born.

'Blackie' 'The Hoppers' mascot

Hi She knitted me (forgot to stop, hence the longest tail ever seen on a cat)- stuffed me with nylons, cotton wool and rags, sewed me up with a big darning needle.  She had to take the pic with me lying down - 'cos my leg stuffing isn't stiff or strong enough for me to stand up, and I thought it was just animation she was lousy at!!!!!  She said "Who's a lucky boy then - I'm going to animate you and turn you into' The Hoppers' mascot."
"Thanks a bunch," I thought.
Guess I'll be on her sidebar jumping about under her Welcome Notice until her animation gets better! Some hope.